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Al Fresco Dining – Without the Washing up

Who would’ve thought it? A long hot, sunny summer, right here in the UK? Not just the odd day here and there, interspersed with rain clouds and jumpers. No checking the weather app to see if “Saturday might turn out ok after the early chilly start”. Just day after dreamy day. So now that the World Cup and Wimbledon have finished, how to spend those long summer evenings and warm weekends? 

With some private chef dining, brought to you by AmoChef, that’s how!

Private Chefs, at Your Service! 

With AmoChef, we take care of everything. Our private chefs arrive with all they need to create you and your guests a culinary experience you’ll never forget. And they even bring their washing up gloves, ready to tidy up whilst you enjoy the after dinner mints. (And a digestif or two.) 

All you need to do is dust off the garden table and chairs and invite your guests. Oh, and choose which tasty chef to book, obvs. And to help you, here’s two of our fabulous London based chefs. Both could very well suit your Al Fresco garden rendezvous down to the ground…

Chef Catherine – the Plant Powered Mexican

The first thing to note about Catherine, is that she isn’t Mexican. But that doesn’t mean she can’t cook up a Mexican storm. Chef Catherine has been cooking Mexican food since 2013. She began shortly after she met a real life Mexican who influenced her fabulous cooking style no end. 

A vegetarian since the age of 13, Catherine produces beautiful plant-based foods. Beautiful in the looks department, as well as in the smell and taste departments. This cuisine is fresh, tasty and ideal for summer. It’s suitable for vegans and vegetarians. Plus pretty much anyone else who fancies some healthy, nutritious Mexican food. (Who doesn’t?) 

Dishes include hearty black bean and sweet potato tacos with a smoky chipotle mayo. Also, a cashew cream key lime pie to rival any dairy-based alternative. Discover more about Catherine’s menu and let your mouth water! 

Chef Lina – Singaporean European Fusion Feasts


Chef Lina is originally from Singapore. And what Singapore loses, we gain in the shape of her amazing cooking. Choose Chef Lina to cook for your summery soirée and you’ll have the luxury of four different experiences.

Her Singapore BBQ features the likes of traditional Singaporean stingray sambal and spicy chicken satay with fresh cucumber salads. This menu is perfect for fish and seafood lovers. If Thai dining is your bag, then you’re also in luck. Lina’s Thai private chef experience will blow you away. Think fresh, think delicate and most definitely think fragrant. Lemongrass, coconut and all the traditionally Thai flavours you can imagine feature heavily.

Chef Lina has also conjured up two private chef experiences that fuse Asian cuisine with European. Her Yōshoku Japanese-European menu is an exciting blend of traditionally Japanese ingredients with a distinct European vibe. For example, her dark squid ink pasta topped with light and crispy tempura squid is divine. 

Her Singapore Fusion dining experience features influences from the East and the West. Chinese, Indonesian, Indian, Thai and Malaysian cooking styles. All fused with touches of British and Portuguese. 

Lina’s private chef experiences all mix her traditionally Asian family recipes with her love of fresh, modern ingredients. And they all wow the palate. 

These are two of our exciting and innovative chefs. Have a look around and see what you fancy. There’s something for every taste bud this summer. So book your fave, set the table, adorn your outside space with twinkly lights and enjoy. You’re about to witness private chef home dining, AmoChef style. You lucky thing. 

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