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Becoming A Private Chef – 8 Things To Think About

Becoming A Private Chef - 8 Things To Think About

8 Things To Think About If You Are Considering Becoming A Private Chef

So you are thinking about becoming a private chef. Worry not, we have something for you.

Here at AmoChef, we truly believe in the power of food. It brings people together, crosses cultural boundaries, nourishes both body and soul. It also evokes memories of yesteryear and even has the power to bring an end to petty rows. How often have you sorted differences out over dinner?! Most of us either love cooking food, eating food, or both. 

Our aim here is to unite the passionate tastemakers with the eager taste explorers. But how do you become a private chef in the first place? 

1. There are multiple paths to your dream of sharing your passion through cooking

Professional chefs go down the professional cookery school route. If you choose this route, you’ll be trained on the job and depending on where you learn. You’ll develop specialised culinary skills and be influenced by the amazing chefs you work under. This route is ideal if you want to work in the hospitality industry, in a fancy hotel or busy restaurant. It’s also ideally suited to anyone wanting to set up their own kitchen and go it alone. Or indeed becoming a private chef. 

2. Some markets require a professional qualification

At AmoChef, we don’t insist that the experience makers, such as private chefs, have a professional qualification. We cherish and adore our professional chefs, and are proud to have them listing their experiences. However, we also very much encourage the passionate home cooks to sign up. 

In fact, do you work in finance by day, but are also the Don of the Dinner Party, or the Legend of Lunchtime? You are also able to share your passion by cooking for people and sharing your culinary passion! If you’re yearning to share your food skills and creativity with others, and yours is the best risotto in town, you can also list and share through AmoChef! 

What we’re saying is, becoming a private chef is for all who have a passion for cooking and sharing. 

3. The small print requirements

Becoming a private chef is a bit like becoming your own boss. As in anything else in the food space, you have to consider the relevant food hygiene and/or food handling qualifications and procedures. More generally, you will have your own business and need to take care of things such as your insurance and accounts or visas. But stay tuned to our blog as we have a post committed to all of that coming soon.

Oh, and we’d love you to have passion. Lots of passion. Passion for food, passion for your ingredients and cooking methods and passion for seeing people enjoying the food you’ve prepared for them in their own homes. 

4. The menu 

Pursuing the route of becoming a private chef means that you have more creative freedom in what you create for your clients. This also means more responsibility for you in developing the menus and experiences. 

AmoChef allows for full creative freedom in the experiences chefs list with us. By becoming a private chef you get to create your own menus, using the ingredients and techniques that you love, making them as traditional or as modern as you like. We attract a whole host of taste explorers with palates as varied and as wide as you can think. So, there’s always someone looking for your culinary experience. 

We live in a world that is increasingly geared towards experiences, rather than just transactions. People want things that are memorable and that they can talk about in the office, to their friends and family. A lunch or dinner is no different and there is an expectation that a meal is no longer just about the food. No matter how good the food is. The expectation is that the meal is framed in the context of the culture and personal experience of the person preparing it.

5. Prices and schedule

The prices are always tricky to figure out, but fear not. There are generally two types of costs you can have and should consider when pricing your culinary experience: fixed costs and variable costs.

There are fixed prices, such as transportation, your time, any staff you may need, accountant, etc. In relation to time, always make sure you pay yourself fairly. You should also consider the time that the experience will take vs the rate per hour that you would like to make when becoming a private chef.

On the other hand, there are also variable costs. These are costs that increase with the number of people who are in the experience. This is, the costs associated with producing the experience itself and generally related to the ingredients. If you have a special producer where you get your ingredients from or if you like to get to the fish market at 5am to catch the best quality fish, then you should consider this in the price you charge per person.

AmoChef allows you full flexibility on how you setup your pricing. You can have a price per person for the experience, independent of what specific dishes each person ends up eating. You can also setup a price per person based on the base ingredients. For example, pasta dishes can have a lower ingredients cost than a seafood and caviar dish. In addition to these, AmoChef also allows you to add a fixed flat price for the experience, that will not depend on the number of people who book.

It is free to list as many experiences as you want on AmoChef. Therefore, this is not a cost you need to add. We figured that a little help couldn’t hurt.

6. Setting your schedule when becoming a private chef

Becoming a private chef means that you can make your own schedule. So, consider what days of the week and times of day you would be willing and able to provide culinary experiences. This will also help your brand if you let people know in advance so that when they make booking requests, you don’t have to decline if it is in a schedule that you are not available. Keeping an up to date calendar will ensure your clients know when best to book.

AmoChef has the ability for you to block out days, as well as also updates based on confirmed bookings to help you out on this.

7. The dreaded marketing activities

Social media is an obvious (and cost effective) way to reach the market, however it can be quite time consuming. The time can be cut down with some platforms that combine multiple social media channels. This still takes time, time that could be dedicated to your passion in innovating the menu and in private events you may be hired for.

Once you’ve created a listing, we will promote your experience in our channels so that it reaches a wider audience. We think that it is our duty to help people passionate about cooking to share their culture with as many people as possible, and therefore want to give you a hand on this. In addition, in a world dominated by images, we also have some guidelines on how your pictures can shine brighter.

In any case, nothing can replace words when telling your story and description to prospective clients. For busy chefs this can be another pain. AmoChef helps you by having our specialists writing up with you. No hassle.

This will also help when we share your experience on our blog and at food fairs, so that you can build up your own client database. 


You should think about where you would like to provide your services. This can be close to home where it is closer and you have less travel costs. It also allows you to accommodate quickly.

Another option is to think where you would like to go in the world and create an experience there. You can then build your client base and move there, sharing your culinary culture while travelling.

An intermediate way of becoming a private chef in terms of location is to create some listings in cities that are close. If these cities have the market that you would fit. This way you have a chance to explore potentially bigger markets, but without risking as much.


In conclusion, we share your passion for your food and your culture. We want as many hungry and experimental taste explorers to discover you as possible. AmoChef supports all chefs, cooks and foodies. We really enjoy bringing everyone together under the shared umbrella of a global love for good food. 

So, come join our foodie family today, and see where your AmoChef journey takes you! 

Your menu, your schedule, your price. Anywhere, anytime.

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