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FoodTech Advantages for the Culinary Arts

FoodTech Advantages for the Culinary Arts

You’re an artist. Through the medium of food, you display your art and your creative talent. Your audience is awaiting your meal-based masterpieces as they mingle and chat. Their senses are already aroused by the aromas dancing in the air.

Then, when you present your perfectly crafted art, conversation stops briefly, whilst your eager audience devours your work. Then the chatter starts up again. But this time, the topic is the power of your culinary artistry, and the impact it’s had on them as they finish the last of the wine. And then they leave, with the memory of your menu enduringly etched on their memory. 

But what if you didn’t have this audience? What if you were desperate to display your wares, but had no one to look, let alone taste them?

The Power of FoodTech

We only need one thumb scroll of Instagram to witness the explosion in our insatiable appetite for good food. Love is no longer the international language, food is. Food is in our psyche now more than ever. And with the advent of online food delivery platforms such as Deliveroo and Uber Eats, we all have whatever food we fancy, right at our fingertips. 

This also means that adventurous foodies can now find chefs and home cooks, just like you, to whip them up a storm. All using a platform like AmoChef. 

Talented chefs and cooks are no longer confined to a career in a hotel or restaurant. You can be your own boss, manage your own time and become a master of your own creativity by becoming a private chef. Without the expensive outlay of your own kitchen. 

Bossing it as a Private Chef

Going it alone is daunting. Where are you going to market yourself? How will people know about you? How do you guarantee you’ll get paid? 

But none of this needs to be an issue if you use AmoChef. We’re here to do all of that for you. You can be live on our site promoting yourself before you can say “fabulous foodie family”. Ready for thousands of potential customers to see you and book you to cater for their special dinner party, mates date or romantic tête-à-tête. 

You’ll be seen by people all over the world, knowing the payment is handled by our secure platform. There’ll be no awkward moment of having to ask full up dinner guests for payment. No booking will ever reach you without us having received payment first.

This all leaves you with time to focus on what’s important – your experience! You’ll have the freedom to create the menus you want. There’s no budget restrictions, limits on ingredients or managers telling you what will or won’t fit the ethos of their restaurant. Just you, your passion, your signature dishes and your hunch for flavour combinations that will work.

Keep it as classic as you like, or be as outlandish as you dare. If you have a recipe idea, there’s an appetite for it out there. And we can’t wait to help you find it! 

The bonus for all those hungry mouths is plain to see. When someone likes the look of your style and sample menu, they get to work with you to create the perfect feast. They’re also safe in the knowledge that they’re inviting someone not only trustworthy, but as passionate about food as they are into their home. 

You have nothing to lose, and only foodie fans to gain. Who knows where your cheffing journey will take you? 

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