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Private Chefs Aren’t Just for Madonna!

Private Chefs Aren’t Just for Madonna!


Just about everywhere is reporting on Madonna advertising for a private chef. She’s looking for a chef, familiar with the Kosher rules of cooking and eating, to cook for her and her family (she has six kids, this is a big gig!). The chef must be willing to cook for The Madonnas at their home in London, and to travel with them when they stay at their homes in Lisbon and New York (oh the life of an international music icon). 

With the role being advertised at £110k a year, hiring a private chef sounds like just another thing that the super rich can afford, and we can’t.

But does hiring a private chef have to mean big bucks? 

Heck no!

With AmoChef, we have private chef experiences that start as low as £25 per person. So it’s entirely within the realms of possibility that you too could have exquisite meals, prepared for you and your family, friends and loved ones, in the comfort of your home. (Even if it is slightly smaller than Chez Madonna.)

Madonna’s Fave Foods?

According to the ads, Madonna’s favourite foods are “Italian cuisine (risotto is apparently a firm favourite), Asian sushi and sashimi and classic European and American dishes”. 

None of these are any problem for our fabulous private chefs. If you share your go-to foods with Madge, then you’ll find no end of talented chefs on our platform, offering unique chef experiences guaranteed to make your night one to remember.

But we don’t stop there. No matter what you fancy to feed your guests and make your soirée go off with a bang, we have it. From 100% vegan friendly plant based menus, to Brazilian style meat feast BBQ experiences, we’ve got your taste buds covered. 

The style icon of too-many-decades-to-remember says she’s not looking for fine dining. She’s looking for healthy, simple, family oriented meals. Amen to that, sista. Chefs listed on AmoChef will come into your kitchen and make themselves right at home, preparing your chosen menu, whilst you and your hungry guests mill around with a glass of something tasty.

If joining in is your thing, then look out for a chef on AmoChef that loves to get everyone involved with the cooking. You’ll learn some super skills from a pro, as well as getting to enjoy the feast on offer! 

(By the way, our private chef dining experience bookings are for one evening. Book as many as you like, obviously, but unless you have millionaire pockets and a super yacht, we’ll assume you’re not actually Madonna or looking for a full time private chef!) 

Reasons to Book a Private Chef

Our customers love a celebration. We see our chefs booked for family birthday celebrations (large and small), romantic dinner dates, mates dates and simply just because.

You could stick with your favourite cuisine, or go for something totally different that you’ve been meaning to try for ages. Perhaps you want to impress someone, or even pop the question over a romantic dinner date. Hold a cooking class, a home food experience or cater for a party or event. It’s all possible with us. 

Booking an chef on AmoChef is simple and affordable, often more so than booking yourself into a fancy restaurant. And the biggest bonus? You still won’t have to do the washing up! All the chefs come armed with washing up gloves, as well as their ingredients. 

Booking with AmoChef 

As a child of the 80s, I’d have done anything to emulate Madonna, and truth told, I still would. (Lace fingerless gloves, anyone?) So, make like the Material Girl herself, and book your own AmoChef private chef experience. Set the date, send out the invites and pop that cork. Like Madonna, you’re about to experience private chef dining, and you’ll never look back! 

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Image: Marie Claire France and Dolce & Gabbana.

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