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The Beauty of Christmas Experience Giving

The Beauty of Christmas Experience Giving

The Beauty of Christmas Experience Giving, Rather than Christmas Gift Giving

Christmas adverts are on TV and festive foods in the supermarket. Which is fabulous, far be it for us to be Christmas scrooges. In fact, at AmoChef, we love a bit of tinsel.

But we’ve become overenthusiastic gift givers and overzealous consumers of stuff. The bigger the better – humongous gifts, wrapped to within an inch of their lives, given, of course, with the best of intentions. 

The tradition of giving something small and meaningful has certainly been lost. 

Drowning in a Sea of Too Much Stuff

In addition to our new habit of grandiose gifts, what effect does it all have on the planet? How many times have you been given a present, only for it to end up in the cupboard, or, if you dare, given it to charity (or worse, thrown it away)? 

Since we’re living in times, quite rightly, where we all need to be more aware of our impact on the environment, is giving over the top gifts at Christmas mindful of this? Especially given that so many things these days are made from plastic. We all know what harm plastics do to the planet, thanks to David Attenborough and the Blue Planet II team. 

And don’t we all just have too much stuff, anyway? 

Thinking Outside of the Gift Box 

Don’t be alarmed though, we’re not suggesting you give up on gift giving altogether. We just think that it’s much more thoughtful to everyone, Mother Earth included, to give a gift that allows loved ones to do something fun instead. An experience, rather than a thing. 

Treating them to experience something they love, or would love to try, has far more meaning than that pair of ‘comedy’ socks or retro soap-on-a-rope, however ‘ironically’ they were meant. 

Giving an experience doesn’t have to break the bank either. You could be inventive by making a booklet of IOUs, including a promise to make breakfast in bed for all the Sundays in January, or treating the recipient to a film of their fancy.

The Gift that Makes Memories, not Mountains 

There are plenty of other experiences to choose from. You can buy tickets to a gig, for example, or if you feel like splashing out, treat someone special to a weekend away. Or you could go a little further outside of the norm, and purchase someone cookery classes, or scuba diving lessons.  

Believe it or not, you can even buy a survival course experience with Bear Grylls. (Although goodness knows who’d thank you for that…) 

A Private Chef – the Ultimate in Affordable Luxury!

Foodie gifts are a big deal these days, and that includes foodie experiences. At AmoChef, we organise private chefs for couples and groups looking for everything from a special home dining experience to parties and events and even cooking classes.

Any one of the fabulous chefs would be an ideal gift experience. They’re all talented, passionate and creative. There are chefs cooking up storms in every cuisine you could think of. You could treat your favourite people to their favourite food, in their own home, and they won’t even have to do the washing up! Your chef will take care of anything. Book a private chef or cookery class as a surprise, or purchase a gift voucher that your giftee can use towards an AmoChef experience. Our vouchers start at £25. 

Experiences are loving, giving and bonding. They’re also something to look forward to, once January and the reality of going back to work and not eating chocolate for breakfast arrive, like cold, wet, unwelcome guests. 

So don’t squeeze something under the tree this year. Be more creative and make memories with a private chef. Who knows what you’ll get in return next year! 

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