Last Minute Christmas Gifts Sorted with AmoChef!

Last Minute Christmas Gifts Sorted with AmoChef

Last Minute Christmas Gifts Sorted with AmoChef

Last Minute Christmas Gifts Sorted with AmoChef

Nowadays, modern lifestyles mean that everyone’s busy. Last minute shopping for everything, not just gifts, is commonplace. It’s perfectly normal, and nothing to feel bad about! That’s why our inboxes are currently choc-a-bloc with postage delivery deadline “Get Yours Delivered Before Christmas!” emails. 

Convenience plays a part in leaving things until they’re not quite too late, just as much as being busy does. When you can have a whole week’s worth of food shopping delivered tomorrow morning, or a big brown Amazon box full of stuff delivered the same day, it’s just become our norm to leave things until the very last second. 

But even that’s stressful. What if it doesn’t arrive? What if my doorbell has stopped working? What if the delivery driver gets lost? It’s all stress, stress, stress! 

So, if we’re not that person who has Christmas literally wrapped up in November, how do we find a perfect last minute Christmas gift, that’s meaningful and doesn’t look like a panic buy? (Plus has the environment in mind, doesn’t involve plastic and is carbon neutral?) 

By booking a dining experience with a Chef – in your own home – through AmoChef! 

AmoChef – Your Perfect Last Minute Christmas Gift

Here at AmoChef, we specialise in dining experiences. Going out for dinner is sooo last year. Now, it’s all about the experience of eating amazing food, cooked for you in your own home, by a private chef. Our chefs are all super talented and passionate about their menus, that you can develop with them, to suit your tastes (and the tastes of your gift receiver, obviously). 

Booking a private chef dining experience for a loved one is simple – pick your dates, choose your favourite chef and cuisine from our growing selection in cities all over the world and decide on your personalised menu. Book your chosen delicacies with your loved one, or keep it a secret from them. It’s entirely up to you!

Then, on the day, all you/your loved one needs to do, is set the table and pour the wine. Your chef will arrive armed with all they need to create your menu. Our range of chefs can cater for a romantic dinner date for two, or cook up a feast for you and a group of friends. 

Oh, and they sort the washing up, too. 

We’ve also got gift vouchers, that start at £25, so if you’re unsure what experience to go for, buy a voucher, and let your loved one choose their own.

Overseas? No Problem

Even if you’re miles, or a continent, away from your loved one, you can still book them a private chef experience. Simply look for a chef in their area, book and it’s all done for you! Your chosen chef will turn up and wow them with cuisine like no other. (You’d probably just better check they’re going to be in before you book…)

And because everything is done online, with email confirmation, there’s nothing to post, so you save on shipping costs too! 

The Gift of the Future, Last Minute or Not 

AmoChef experiences are affordable and oh-so now. Get ahead of the curve and book yours stat, before everyone starts doing it! Dining experiences are set to go large over 2019, be part of the latest foodie trend with AmoChef. Happy Christmas! 

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