Will Your New Year Resolution Include a Private Chef Dining Experience?

Will Your New Year Resolution List Include a Private Chef Dining Experience? 

Will Your New Year Resolution List Include a Private Chef Dining Experience? 

Despite January being dark, cold and long, the new year is a time when many of us start to look forward to new things. It might be that we want to get fitter, or healthier, or learn a new skill. We might want to expand our careers, or travel more, or start a family. 

But another new year, new you goal you could be aiming for, is to promise yourself the fun of more, and different, experiences. Having an experience, rather than simply buying things, is becoming the new way of spending our hard earned cash. 

Building memories by experiencing new things with our family, friends and loved ones has so much more meaning. It’s nourishing for the soul in so many ways – there’s the shared memories you’ll never forget, the thrill of actually living through something in the right here and now and buying less stuff means well, having less stuff. 

Collecting memories is far greener than simply owning more and more stuff, especially if it’s done in a sustainable way. 

So what do we mean? 

An experience could be as simple as a walk in the countryside, be that somewhere you’ve never been before, or a favourite place, indulging in noticing new things. It could mean playing board games with friends or visiting a museum. Or, it could mean thinking of culinary, eating and drinking experiences, in a completely new way… 

A Different Dining Experience

Eating is now more about the entire dining experience than just the food alone. Good food is important, of course – you don’t want to be remembering the food for all the wrong reasons. But how and where you eat your food is nowadays, arguably more important.

In a world that’s already full of too many things, and one that is thankfully becoming more environmentally aware, shared adventures are set to become even bigger in 2019. 

That’s why we’re so passionate about private chef dining experiences here at AmoChef. The chefs share our passion for culinary events and adventures. Booking with us is easy. Everything is done online, from choosing your cuisine, your chef, your date and your menu. All of the chefs are super talented and absolutely committed to providing you with a dining experience in your own home, like no other. 

Expanding Our Cultural Horizons Through Food

Perhaps you might want to recreate that amazing Thai street food you ate when travelling, or the Japanese cuisine you experienced when on the holiday of a lifetime. Or, maybe you want to experience the true taste of a Mexican festival, but have never had the chance to travel to Mexico. 

It’s all in reach, with a private dining chef booked through AmoChef. Your chef will arrive with everything they need to make your evening special. You can book anything from a special birthday dinner for two, to a sharing feasts and platters for a day time BBQ with friends. 

You can even book a cooking class, so not only do you get to eat amazing food, you learn how to cook it, too! Or if you’re looking to celebrate a big occasion, or simply throw a party for no reason, book a chef that caters for large gatherings, and look for one that encourages you to get involved, too. 

Booking a private chef with us is more affordable than you think. We’ve made sure our service isn’t just for the elite, as we believe that everyone deserves a touch of luxury in the form of private chef dining. 

An eating adventure is no longer just booking a fancy restaurant. 2019 is going to see many more exciting culinary experiences becoming commonplace. We’re already doing that, so jump on board the new dining trend with us, and make your new year all about exploring new things! (It’s all totally Instaworthy too…) 

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