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Food Trends – What We’ve Seen in 2018 and What’s to Come in 2019

Food Trends – What We’ve Seen in 2018 and What’s to Come in 2019

Just like fashion, there are food and drink trends too. Think back to the 1970s, and we were all dining out on prawn cocktail, chicken kiev and black forest gateau. Now, it’s impossible to think of a time without mini cupcakes, sushi, sliders and celebrity chefs. But before the NYE bells rung in the year 2000, none of these things were mainstream.  

So as we close another year, what did 2018 give us food-wise, and what is 2019 likely to reveal on our plates? 

2018 – The Year of the Vegan and Fermenting 

Going plant-based had a real surge in 2018, with tens of thousands signing up at the beginning of the year to Veganuary – the movement that encourages participants to ditch the dairy and opt for mock meat for the whole of January. 

This has meant that being a vegan is so much easier now. High street pizza chains, private cafes and big brand supermarkets have all upped their plant-based game and the choices are now phenomenal. Plant-based protein sources such as beans, lentils, chickpeas and tofu have all made it into the limelight as we move away from so much reliance on meat, poultry, fish and dairy. 

2018 also saw a resurgence of tee-totallers, with mocktails and booze free botanical ‘spirits’ commonplace on many menus. 

Fermenting has also had a comeback. Kimchi, sauerkraut, kombucha and kefir are all high on home fermenters lists. As we’ve all become more aware of the importance of our gut bacteria (our ‘microbiome’) on our immune and overall health, eating fermented foods to support these good bugs is only set to continue. 

Finally, eating locally sourced, seasonal ingredients has gone one step further (or closer), with the introduction of hyper local foods. These are goods grown on urban farms, rooftops and gardens, and eaten in the very same town. Even London, with its ever diminishing green spaces, has seen a rise in urban farming. 

2019 – Set to Become the Year of Alternative Greens and Grains 

Had enough spinach and kale? Then you’re in luck. As foraging makes a comeback, expect to see a surge in alternative greens such as dulse, a form of seaweed native to Irish coastlines. We can also look forward to a Scandinavian trend set to hit our shores – lichen. A form of naturally growing moss, along with dulse, these two ingredients are sustainably sourced (for now) and well worth a try. 

If you’re also bored of quinoa, then you’ll be excited to try the new, but ancient, grains that are becoming more and more popular. They include equally difficult to pronounce freekeh, plus spelt and teff. First consumed centuries ago, they were replaced with easier to grow wheat, oats and barley. But these ancient grains are said to be more nutritious and less harsh on our digestion, and could well be in a risotto near you soon. 

Zero waste dining is predicted to grow this year too, with many more zero waste pop ups, supper clubs and restaurants due to open. 

AmoChef, Always on Trend

At AmoChef, we’re constantly adapting to new dining trends. Our chefs are always adding new private chef dining experiences all the time and we’re always on the look out for new and exciting chefs, from all over the world. We’ve got plenty of chefs that specialise in vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, organic and raw foods, and who knows who we’ll have in the future. 

It sure is exciting being part of fast paced world that is food. Who will provide your next AmoChef private chef dining experience?! 

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