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Part time Vegan, Forever Plant-Based or Doing Veganuary – Try a Private Chef!

Part time Vegan, Forever Plant-Based or Doing Veganuary – Try a Private Chef!

This January, thousands of us have taken the plant-based pledge and vowed to go vegan for 31 days for Veganuary. The charity is reporting its biggest year yet, with the amount of people avoiding meat, fish, dairy, eggs and honey (yep, honey is an animal product) rising year on year.

This reflects the current upwards trend for following a vegan diet, or at least a diet which significantly reduces meat and dairy intake. 

And food retailers and restaurants are taking note. Whereas it used to be tricky to find a vegan option on a menu, other than a side salad and bowl of fries, we’re now hard pushed to find a menu without a dedicated vegan section. (Even though something as seemingly simple as Greggs bakery adding a vegan sausage roll to its offering, did cause a somewhat ridiculous bout of outrage amongst certain meat eating TV presenters…)

Unnecessary offence aside, the rise in vegan and vegetarian options is great news for the estimated 3.5 million vegans in the UK. 

Plant-Based AmoChefs Galore 

But we have more great gastronomic news – we too have vegan and vegetarian options! All of our fabulous range of private chefs here at AmoChef offer options to suit all diets and tastes, and some are completely plant-based. 

For example, Chef Sylvia offers an African vegan feast featuring peanut stew and caramelised plantains. Or Los Angeles based Chef Megan whips up an upscale vegan storm with her spring pea crostini, miso beet and tahini tartare and strawberry almond cake. 

Some, such as Chef Holly add in a cooking lesson too, to really jazz up the private chef experience. Chef Holly teaches diners about her ingredients and techniques during her three course, raw vegan meal so that you can all join in and learn new skills from a passionate cook. 

Even if you’re a dedicated meat eater (and there’s zero shame in that), you may be surprised by how much you enjoy a fresh, plant-based meal full of veggies, beans, grains and fruits. Especially important if you’re looking to start the new year by making healthy food and lifestyle choices, but you’re a little unsure of where to start.  

Going Solo Can Be Lonely

If you’ve decided to do Veganuary or you plan to go vegan forever, and you’re on your own in a sea of meat-eating, dairy-drinking friends, it can feel a little lonely. So why not invite everyone round and book a plant-based private chef to cook for you all? 

You already know how delicious vegan food is, but you might know a few doubters. And all those plant-curious chums will jump at the chance of some professionally cooked plant-based goodies. 

We’re not saying come over all preachy. No one likes judgement. But having your nearest and dearest over to experience what you eat on a daily basis might convince them that it’s not just about broccoli and hummus. Any worries they have that your diet has gone bland and boring will be alleviated, and you might even convert the unconvertable! 

Besides, if going vegan is your new year resolution, then sharing your learning experience with those closest to you couldn’t be better. What’s not to like about having your food prepared and cooked right in front of you by an AmoChef? 

Plant-Based Feasting, Made Easy 

Book your plant-based AmoChef dining experience, send out the invites, set the table, pour the drinks and you’re good to go. 

If you have any questions about how AmoChef works, check out our How to Book page, or have a chat with us on our new live chat service. (You’ll see the little speech bubble below.) 

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