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Delicious Food, From All Over the World!

Delicious Food, From All Over the World!

Here at AmoChef, we truly believe that food, good food, is the one thing that bonds us all together. Food doesn’t have barriers, boundaries or rules. There is no right or wrong when it comes to cooking, food and eating. 

The beauty of food is that it can cross barriers, and unite people. How much joy there is to be had, at a sharing table of food, lovingly prepared and enjoyed with friends or even foes. Think of state visits and banquets, between royalty, politicians and dignitaries, where two countries or two parties don’t get on or have historic, long running political tensions. All disagreements are put to one side whilst the food is served, and the wine flows…

Food, the Glue that Sticks us all Together 

Maybe we’re romanticising here, but you get what we mean. Food has a knack of bringing us together. The best thing about this superpower is that it doesn’t matter what the food is. That’s why here at AmoChef, chefs embrace all different styles of cooking, different ingredients and different cuisines. 

Whilst we have plans for (gentle, non-political) world domination using the Power of Food, at the moment you lucky foodies in the UK, US and Portugal have access to our amazing collection of private chefs for hire. 

Which got us thinking. What foods are traditionally associated with these countries? Can a country be defined by one cuisine, or is each country a delectable mix of different cooking styles and influences?

Food in the UK

The UK is a veritable melting pot of food styles. Each English county has its own signature dish from pie and mash in the East End of London to crispy Yorkshire puddings in Yorkshire. The English are well known for their love of a roast dinner on a Sunday and fish and chips for supper on a trip to the seaside. And of course, there’s the ‘full English’, or fry up, for breakfast.

The Scottish are well known for haggis, neeps and tatties, porridge and whisky, whilst the Welsh are best known for Welsh rarebit, laver bread and Welshcakes. The Northern Irish are famed for colcannon, soda bread and Irish stew. 

Brits are also lauded for their supposed lack of flavour in their food, but as a Brit writing this, I can assure anyone from overseas believing that, it’s simply not true! Walk down the high street of any town or city and you’ll be amazed by the choice of amazing flavours on offer, taking inspiration from cuisines all over the world.

Food in the US

Just like in the UK, only on a much larger scale, each American state has its own traditional style of food. It’s tricky to define ‘American food’ but if we want to generalise, there’s Texas and its chilli, New York and its salt beef bagels and New Orleans and its Cajun spices. 

Now, again like in the UK, you’d be hard pushed not to find the very cuisine you’re looking for in any area of the States. 

Food in Portugal

Perhaps easier to define than British and American food, is the food in Portugal. When we think of Portugal, we think of beautiful sunshine filled coastlines and fresh seafood. And it’s sardines, salted and dried cod and soups and stews made with fresh spices and condiments aplenty. 

Pork appears on many traditional Portuguese dishes too, and of course there’s piles of bread and jugs of wine everywhere you go! Eating together as a family is an important part of the week in Portugal, and tables full of food to share is a common theme.

Whatever you’re looking for from a private chef dining experience, you’ll find it here at AmoChef. We can’t wait to hear all about what delights you discover! 

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