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Exploring the Wonders of Lisbon Through Food

Food in Lisbon

Exploring, relaxing, thrill seeking, dancing until the small hours – we all have different ideas of the perfect holiday. But when we visit another country, the one thing most of us agree on is how we’re going to treat ourselves to some fabulous food. 

By far the biggest thrill for us is discovering new and exciting food and places to eat. For us, food takes centre stage when we’re away. We find ourselves planning lunch at breakfast time and thinking about what to have for dinner whilst we eat lunch. (We all do, don’t we? Or is that just us…?)

We’ve got a fabulous group of AmoChef private chefs based in Lisbon in Portugal, so we thought we’d do a round up of all the best food and places to eat in Portugal’s stunning capital.

The Best Places for food in Lisbon 

If seafood is your thing, then you’re in luck. Lisbon is home to a famous seafood restaurant called Cervejaria Ramiro. Opened in 1956, this restaurant is famed for its crab, lobster and giant tiger prawn dishes. It’s a popular place, with a no reservations policy after 7.30pm and where dessert should be a “prego” (the traditional Portuguese streak sandwich). The Chef Anthony Bourdain was there with his No Reservations Tv show for the entire experience.  If you have to enjoy a drink in the bar whilst you wait for a table, it’s well worth it.

To try the traditional Portuguese cozido (“Cozido à Portuguesa”) head to the O Nobre restaurant. It might be the best one in town. To experience a suckling pig spit roasted on an open fire, then Casa Bota Feijão is definitely for you! 

At this point you already know how rich the Portuguese cuisine is, from north to south, right? So, do you feel like trying traditional food from the Alentejo region without leaving Lisbon? If you do, there are two restaurants you can not miss: Picamiolos and O Magano! Always make room for regional desserts!

But Lisbon is also a city full of secret spots, fancy restaurants (that you can easily find by googling it!) and curated experiences. Look around, ask the locals (the Portuguese people love to talk about food and everyone will have a recommendation).

Wanting to try it all

If you’re looking to try the main Portuguese treats prepared by famous Portuguese Chefs at a very affordable price, head to the TimeOut Market. What are the unforgettable treats in there? It’s going to be hard for us to only name a few, but here we go. Start by asking for a glass of wine at the wine bar (located at the center of the food court) and you’re ready to start the stroll and start sharing your food. Begin by trying a traditional “croquete” at the Croqueteria, ask for a soft shall crab sandwich at Marisqueira Azul and head up to the main course at Cozinha da Felicidade. We recommend you the roasted octopus with sweet potato chips!

If it happens for you to be in Lisbon and haven’t try the cod fish, there are many options here. Look around and pick the one that catches your attention!

What about dessert? We have mentioned this before but… never miss dessert! You can try a delicious cake at Nós é mais bolos or just end this experience with a fresh baked pastel de nata and a coffee, at the Manteigaria Lisboa.

Home Cooking, by the Professionals

There’s also food to be discovered in the homes of local home chefs. Maria of Lisboa serves up authentic home cooked food in her beautiful apartment and you can taste her passion for food in each bite. 

Or try a fusion of Portuguese and Brazilian food with Ze of Chez Esteves and enjoy food flavoured with homegrown herbs and vegetables picked straight from the garden outside. 

Booking a Private Chef in Lisbon

Fancy a lazy night in? Or perhaps you have something special to celebrate? Whether you live in Lisbon or you’re staying in an Airbnb, why not hire a private chef?

AmoChef private chefs in Lisbon are a diverse bunch, cooking up a whole range of dishes and menus to suit all tastes. Simply book your chosen chef for your chosen day, discuss your menu with them, sit back and await some amazing food. 

They’ll turn up with everything they need to cook you a delicious meal, and even sort the clearing away and washing up afterwards. 

Would you like to have lots of fun in the kitchen?

We even have a chef who can teach you and up to nine friends how to cook a full Portuguese meal using authentic, local ingredients that are in season and at their freshest and tastiest. Once you’ve prepared your meal alongside Chef Tiago, sit down and enjoy the fruits of your labour with some perfectly paired Portuguese wines! 

Being a Fully Fed Foodie in Lisbon

Whatever you fancy food-wise, Lisbon will deliver. From traditional Portuguese food to flavours from all over the world, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for. 

Where will your flavour adventures take you next? 

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