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Our Tastes Are Changing – the Trend for At-Home Restaurant Quality Food

Our Tastes Are Changing – the Trend for At-Home Restaurant Quality Food 2

If you’ve ordered a food delivery from your favourite restaurant, used a boxed meal kit or hired a private Chef to cook for you at home in the past few months, then you’re not alone. 

The food scene has been undergoing a dynamic shift recently. What used to be our chosen way to consume quality food – dining out in restaurants – has now been replaced with the same yearning for restaurant quality food, but on our own terms and at our own dining tables. 

Now, as we grow as a world of foodies, we’re looking for more than two courses and a bottle of wine at an eatery that could be one of any number along the high street. 

We want eating and drinking experiences. Be that making our own restaurant quality food using a meal kit containing pre-measured ingredients and easy to follow recipe cards, or a private Chef coming to our home to wow us with their cooking.

But what has driven this change? Are we fickle? Simply in need of a change? Or is convenience and technology, coupled with us all being increasingly time-poor, playing its part? 

New Food Delivery Trends 

It’s expected that we’ll be placing 101 million more food delivery orders this year than last year. In monetary terms, that’s an extra £656 million spent on food deliveries. That’s compared to ‘only’ 83 million more on restaurant/cafe visits. 

Eating at home is definitely the new black. 

This increase in food deliveries is of course driven by the advent of delivery companies such as Deliveroo, UberEATS, or Just Eat. 

These apps make it easier than ever to order food, in just a couple of taps. And not just from the usual Indian or Chinese takeaways either. 

Everyone from high street pizza chains to local independent plant-based cafes is registering with the tech giants to bring their food to a wider audience. Great news for restaurants missing out on diners, but even better news for the little guys who might not otherwise be found. 

And we’re lapping it up! 

Making a Meal (Kit) of Things 

Another type of quality home dining that us foodies can’t get enough of is the food subscription box. These are the meal kits with menus created, measured, packaged and delivered by companies such as HelloFresh, Gousto, Mindful Chef and many others so that we can create high quality, restaurant-worthy dishes at home. 

Most of these companies allow us to tailor our subscription to our exact tastes and opt for meal kits covering anything from high protein to low fat and pork-free to vegan. 

By 2022, it’s expected that our appetite for meal kits will grow by more than 70% to a £1billion spend

It seems we simply don’t have the time or inclination to go to the supermarket and flounder around putting meals together anymore. 

A Chef In Your Own Home

This desire to have restaurant quality food in the comfort of our own homes isn’t just reflecting the rise in food delivery or meal kits. We’ve all been there, meals delivered late or cold, meal kits that require us to spend ages in the kitchen, are not too environmentally friendly or just don’t always are what we want. All can be a bit too impersonal sometimes.

These and other factors allowed for a significant rise in taste explorers wanting to experience a private Chef catering for dinner parties, dates and family events.

We found that a whopping 50% of people said they would hire a Chef to come to their own home ! We also found that many had a common concern around price. This was because private Chefs are perceived as a luxury. However, given the willingness of so many people to cook for others and share their culture, it is really true that you don’t need to be Madonna to hire a Private Chef as some Chefs start at £25 per person!
With about 70% of people not aware that platforms to book private chefs even existed, it is certainly due to grow. In fact, in the US alone people have spent around $300 million in the  Private Chef market!
Making booking a Private Chef as easy as we do at is the ‘new kid on the block’.

A Brave New World

Microwave meals are out, quality is in. Even if we do choose to still eat from a tray on our laps.

We’re seeing a revolution in what it is to eat, in today’s world of vast food choices. One that is only set to grow as we get want to experience and not just east, but with less time, as well as tech becomes more advanced. 

Taking a seat at our own table means less hassle, more choice and no one having to be the designated driver. And if you opt for a private Chef with AmoChef, you wont even have to worry about the washing up… 

What’s going to be your next dining in experience? 


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