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Eating and drinking in the Algarve



If you’re traveling to the Algarve this summer, then you’re in for a treat. This beautiful part of Portugal is famed for its stunning beaches and beautiful rural countryside. You’ll find a mix of leisurely activities to suit all tastes, no matter how active or inactive you plan your holiday to be! 

Golfing, walking, cycling or sailing vs simply sunbathing, the Algarve truly does have it all. Oh, and the sunny weather is always gorgeous too. 

But talking about a trip to the Algarve is nothing without mentioning the gastronomic delights that await. 7 million overseas visitors flock to this sunny part of the world each year. 

Eating and drinking in the Algarve

Food wise, you won’t be disappointed. Fish and seafood forms the basis of many dishes and menus in the Algarve, which is unsurprising since the Algarve has more than 200km worth of coastline, that teems with the hustle and bustle of fishing boats. Sardines, bream and cod are staples of the typical Algarve diet along with clams, oysters and squid. 

Pork is also popular and it’s common to find a dish of thin pork strips cooked in a creamy mushroom sauce. Chicken is a main stay too, and spicy piri-piri chicken is everywhere. Vegetarians and vegans are also very well catered for. 

The Portuguese are famous for their rosé wine, Mateus rosé being the most well-known, but red and white wines are also featured on every wine list. Plus of course, port, Portugal’s most famous drink, is a must have at the end of each meal. 

Eating out in the Algarve is reasonably priced and you’ll find the coastline and further inland filled with restaurants, cafes and bars. Your only stress will be deciding which one is your favourite. 

For most of us, food plays a heavy role in the enjoyment of a holiday. At breakfast, as we work our way through the hotel buffet and vie for the last remaining table outside, we’re probably already thinking about what to have for lunch, and then where we’re going to eat dinner. 

Sometimes though, it can all feel a bit, well, stressful. We know, not as stressful as being at home and having work commitments, but with all that choice, it can become a bit too much to think about whilst on a sun lounger.

So that’s where AmoChef comes to the rescue, with opassionate, talented home cooks and professional chefs. They’re just waiting to be paired up with curious foodies just like you. The chefs come to homes and businesses to cook up a storm of culinary masterpieces all over the world. 

And being on holiday is no barrier! 

Booking a Private Chef on Holiday in the Algarve

An increasing number of us are now ditching the package style holiday and instead booking everything separately. Flights, multiple different accommodations and our food. No longer do we have to spend two weeks eating the same hotel food. 

That’s why we’re also seeing a surge in private chef bookings by people on holiday in self-catering apartments, who don’t fancy cooking or going out for the evening. And the Algarve is no different. 

Why leave the gorgeous beachfront apartment you’ve booked for your stay, to sit inside a restaurant without a guaranteed view? 

Chefs on AmoChef in the Algarve can be booked in advance or even whilst you’re enjoying your holiday. Once you’ve agreed on your menu, your chosen chef will arrive on time, with all the ingredients and equipment they need to cook your meal. Groups of friends or couples and families alike can enjoy their amazing food, and they’ll even do the cleaning up afterwards. 

So what’s not to like? Browse private chefs based in the Algarve today, sit back, and relax. Dinner is sorted! 

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