About Us - AmoChef

What innately bonds us all more than a shared love for food?

Across generations. Across religions. Whether it is the experience of trying something new, of learning about a new culture, or just having a great time, food expands our emotional and physical palette.

The issue? Access.

Access for those who want to cook and create, and access for those who want to explore.
AmoChef empowers everyday people to enjoy the presence of a professional or aspiring chef in their own kitchen. What if you could book your favourite Chef for that special date at your own home? Or, learn to cook a different cuisine from across the globe with someone who knows every night of the week? AmoChef is here to make that happen. AmoChef gives everyday people access to great chefs, and professional or aspiring chefs access to share their passion.

We believe in fostering a community where anyone, anywhere can experience culture through food anytime.

Bringing taste makers and explorers together.

What is it?

AmoChef provides help to discover and book unique culinary experiences anywhere, anytime, in a fully personalised, bespoke way.

We also support empowering people eager to live off their culinary passion.

Taste is one of our primary senses, and since the beginning of time, sharing a meal is a time for people to gather and connect.

Our core at AmoChef are these sharing moments

AmoChef started its journey in October 2015 in Lisbon during a Gramma’s birthday dinner. It was then and there that Hugo understood the need to empower ordinary people who are passionate about cooking, sharing and cultures.

There are very significant costs for setting up a food business. The investment needed for a Kitchen where a Chef can transform their passion into a business made them powerless to the status quo. This meant not being able to share their creations and make a living out of it. Neither the community and potential consumers know their recipes. As a result, many taste makers had to endure jobs in other industries – even if financially successful, certainly not fully emotionally rewarding.

Through travels and engaging locally, AmoChef’s concept grew stronger with every new ingredient added and mixed. Soon after, programming was added to the project. With these skills as ingredients, aiming to empower sharing of cultures through food, both for Chefs as well as for ordinary people, the execution step ensued.

Our Values

What guides and defines us. A meal cooked from different worlds.

In the same way that a Chef strives to bring the best out of its ingredients and add joy to the meal, AmoChef aims to be an empowerment platform for the community.

In an empowered, flexible and responsible environment, AmoChef’s DNA is strongly marked by bringing in people with backgrounds and skills as diverse as possible.

This allows us to create an idea-challenging dynamic to develop innovative ways to bring the best solution, the best experience, to the community.

We believe in continuously moving towards a more user friendly platform, that is easy, seamless and effortless to use.

This meant and still means bringing meaningful ingredients from different worlds together to create something that is larger than its parts, which is no different from cooking itself.

Where does the name Amochef come from?

“Amo” is the Portuguese word for “I love”

It translates what taste makers say about preparing a meal:

“Cooking for someone is not providing a meal, but an intimate action that carries something of you with it. Sharing a recipe is not about metrics and processes, but sharing love.”

We learned about the story of a lady, who… is just like that sweet and always happy aunt of yours, had been laid off as a construction engineer, years ago. This lady, who is just like you and me – with dreams and aspirations, had watched her mother cook for years at their family owned restaurant in the Portuguese country side. Although learning from the best and developing her passion, the technical, economic and social frameworks did not allow her to pursue her dreams. The frameworks are different now. And it is AmoChef’s intention to use all the currently available technical and social tools to create opportunities for Chefs. This lady, inspiringly, says it best “Cooking for someone is not providing a meal, but an intimate action that carries something of you with it. Sharing a recipe is not about metrics and processes, but sharing love.” That is how the name AmoChef was born.

What is it like to craft AmoChef?

Building AmoChef should be creative, diverse, and idea-challenging.
We are departing from the status-quo and cooking something from the community, for the community. So, our biggest responsibility is to keep that individuality flowing, with commitment to, and engagement with the community

We always strive to work with people that go that extra mile to ensure their views are well supported and are ready to have their ideas challenged, geared towards the community.

The values of maintaining an empowered, flexible, responsible environment shape the activities we do; as well as a commitment to, and engagement with creating something great that is more user friendly, easy, seamless and effortless.

On this basis the culture is made by, transforms and evolves with, the people that work on AmoChef or that one way or the other interact and engage with it.

How can one participate?

If you are a hobbyist or professional Chef looking to go to someone’s home to create, all you need to do is to register, for free.

If you are a taste explorer looking to have a Chef at your home, all you need to do is to register and then to search and book.