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What is an Experience Maker?

An Experience Maker is the chef/cook who is providing the food or drink experience!

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What is a Taste Explorer?

A Taste Explorer is someone who is looking to book an experience with a private chef!

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Does AmoChef hire Chefs/Cooks?

We don’t. AmoChef makes available an online platform where Taste Explorers  and Experience Makers can meet online and arrange for…

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How do I contact AmoChef?

We always love to hear from you. You can reach us through the following:   •Phone us on +44 (0)…

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What does ‘Amo’ mean?

“Amo” is the Portuguese word for “I love” and we couldn’t have said it better than one of our chefs:…

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What is AmoChef?

AmoChef provides an online platform that connects Taste Explorers who want to have a private or public culinary cultural experience…

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